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Welcome to the new Circuitatlantic.com, which provides better information for businesses and individual shoppers, as well as value for money and convenience. We have re-engineered to provide robust international payment and personal shopping service for individuals and businesses. You can buy online from any US/UK based website or pay any vendor in the US/UK for services.

Help us build a directory and ranking of vendors by adding and recommending your favourite stores. We have really made International online shopping and payment very easy.

No need for a paypal account or international credit cards.

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About us

Circuit Atlantic is positioned to provide high quality procurement services for our clients by deploying unique and cutting edge approaches with the objective of adding value to the transactions of businesses while increasing the value consumers get for their hard earned money.

How Circuit Atlantic Works

Welcome to the smartest and easiest way to shop in the biggest ecommerce market in the world. Ciruitatlantic.com offers a fully electronic, seamless and efficient international shopping experience, ensuring you get your items as quick as possible.

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Want to shop from US/UK websites without the credit card and shipping hassle? Simply tell us what you want to buy through our online ordering system.

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Once we receive your order and verify payment, our purchasing agents make the purchases on your behalf.

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Once the purchased items arrive at our US/UK facility, your items are processed and shipped to you in Nigeria within 5 -12 days.

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You can contact one of our operator directly via email depending on what issues do you have or you can use the contact form to contact us.

Procurement Enquiries: Umar
Phone: + 234 810 2723294
Email: procurement@circuitatlantic.com

General Enquiries: Ekenem
Phone: + 234 810 2723294
Email: info@circuitatlantic.com

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Need tips and informations for online shopping from Circuitatlantic.com? Read the FAQ to get answers to key questions on the policies and procedures of our shopping site.

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Our Locations

New Jersey, United States of America

Circuit Atlantic currently has her global head office located in the United States of America, strategically positioned to coordinate all procurement transactions originating in North America to Nigeria and to other neighboring countries. We are currently in strategic consultations with partners to open sourcing offices in Asia and Europe.

New Jersey
1118 North Ave
Plainfield, NJ 07062, USA
Phone: +1-908-757-0185
Email: info@circuitatlantic.com
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Lagos, Nigeria

Circuit Atlantic's African Head office is in Lagos, and located at the commercial centre of Lagos, Ikeja (Off Allen). We understand the yearnings of our customers to be able to reach esteemed staff in person in some occasions. We understand the need for providing a personal touch in dealing with our corporate, business and individual clients. We understand the need for accessible customer service and support. We understand the value of relationships with our clients. As a result, we are planning to open offices in locations around the country. Visit us again for updates on new locations.

Pick up
14 Ladipo Kuku
Off Allen, Ikeja, Lagos
Phone: 08102723294
13 Hughes Avenue
Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos
Email: info@circuitatlantic.com
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